Model On The Mobile Football Game

Compared to the old version, the Dream League Soccer in 2016 really made a leap in graphics, where the movement of players in the older version is quite hard and not fully describe similar motion cult titles same genre as FIFA, PES, Real Football … it in this version, all have been improved markedly.



Like other famous football game, now striking characteristics of the players in real life are shown in great detail in the Dream League Soccer in 2016 as face, hair style, body … Also the other shaped like clubs, Stadium, updated player transfers are also the authors of the game as brilliantly synchronized than real life.

Point makes the game boring football is not the player can use their own construction team that should be fighting in exchanges with the team’s other players, and in version Dream League Soccer this 2016, this feature has been running a great way.
Now you can play Dream League Soccer in 2016 with his friends, with players in the same region, country or even the world.

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